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2021 Upgrade Recliner Luxury Camp Chair| Swinging Camping Chair

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Auto Tilt Function Use the automatic tilt function to find the perfect sitting angle by simply lean back and shift your body weight.

The Recliner Luxury Chair is a camp chair for swinging and relaxing. Watch the stars, enjoy the beach, toast up a marshmallow and do it all in this comfy chair. From a supportive headrest to gentle swinging motion, you'll be so relaxed, you may even take a nap.

Installs on uneven ground, no need for trees

Suspended on the included poles, the chair swings smoothly and gently no matter how rocky, sandy or uneven the ground is below. It’s like a rocking chair and a hammock had a child perfectly built for camp life.


Durable, camp-ready construction

Water-resistant mesh lets air flow freely, stands up to sun exposure and resists the build-up of odor-causing bacteria, so go ahead and recline by the shore in heat of the afternoon. When you’re ready to pack up, the chair’s aircraft-grade aluminum suspension frame breaks down quickly and compactly.

Lean back with a quick shift of your body weight. A supportive headrest lets you really enjoy the view without craning or straining your neck, and when you sit up the back shifts to support a more upright position. Oh, and the armrests are padded, too.

This first-ever swinging and reclining camp chair takes relaxation to a new level. The swinging offers an exciting new sitting experience, with a relaxing motion that is designed for comfort. And when you’re ready to recline, lean back and enjoy a great view of the stars. Unlike rocking chairs, this chair is designed for use on any surface, including rocky, sandy or uneven ground, bringing the relaxation of motion to a host of new environments.


The Recliner Luxury swings smoothly and gently, with a relaxing motion that is designed for comfort; A supportive headrest and deep reclining action allow you a full view of the night sky.



  • Suspended air-rocking and reclining chair swings smoothly and gently on any surface, including above rocky or sandy surfaces
  • Auto-reclining hardware lets you lean back and stretch out without the use of runners
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum suspension frame is sturdy and packs down quickly and compactly


  • Water-resistant mesh resists the buildup of odor-causing bacteria and stands up to sun exposure
  • Padded armrests are comfortable for lounging in the backyard or at the campsite
  • Chair swings smoothly and gently, with a relaxing motion that is designed for comfort.
  • Integrated cup holder keeps a beverage within arm’s reach.
  • Stash pocket accommodates a tablet, keys or a favorite book.
  • Padded carrying case has a convenient interior storage pocket.


  •  Net consisting of monofilaments and non-absorbent.
  •  Cup holders and storage pockets within easy reach.
  •  Long backrest with adjustable headrest.
  •  Swing-type design for all-terrain.
  •  Distance between seat and ground: 30.5 cm/12inch.
  •  Auto tilt.
  •  Back with good stiffness.
  • Large aluminum frame.

Technical specs

45.5 x 36 x 25.5 inches
7 x 24 inches
300 pounds
Water-resistant nylon mesh
6 lbs. 5 oz.