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Pet Heating Pad, Electric Heated Pad for Dogs and Cats Indoor Waterproof Warming Mat

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About This Item:
🐶Heating Pad for small Dogs and Cats: suitable for senior pets, arthritic pets, new born pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury.provide warmer safer keep your pet away from cold during this winter.
🐶With stainless steel Chew Resistant Cord: Hard Extra stainless steel case on the power cord prevents pets from biting the wires and ensures the safety of pets.
🐶 3-Mode Adjustable Temperature: heat settings range:95-140°F,You can set the right temperature and time for your pet according to the weather to keep your pet at a comfortable body temperature.
🐶Safe and Easy to Clean: The inside of the mat is made of flame-retardant waterproof material. Built-in overheaing protection structure can prevent the mat from overheating and burning pets.
🐶Waterproof, Easy to Clean : Durable fabric and waterproof material, if you find that the sleeping mat is not clean, you can wipe it directly with a wet towel.Don't worry about water leaking into the pet pad.

Inner Material: Waterproof PVC
Dimension: 18 x 18 IN
Color: Brown
Heat setting:95-140°F
2H-4H-8H Timed power off
NOTE:Overheating protection: Auto-off when temperature reaches 140°F(60°C)

DO NOT FOLD the heating pad when use.
Do not operate with a damage cord or plug or pad.
Keep your pet away from chewing the cord.
Do not puncture or rupture the heating pad.
Do not immerse the heating pad in water.
For use with 110-120 volt AC ONLY.
Indoor use only.

1x Pet heating pad
1 x Controller
1x Manual