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Premium Pregnancy Belly Maternity Band

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The Premium Pregnancy Belly Maternity Band is great belly support to your growing baby bump as it redistributes weight & pressure more evenly. Specially designed to gently cradle your growing baby!

✔️ Soft
✔️ Breathable fabric
✔️ Washable
✔️ Elastic
✔️ All-in-one design
✔️ Designed by medical professionals
✔️ Holds baby in the right position

Every pregnant woman needs reliable support for their growing belly!

The Premium Pregnancy Belly Maternity Band is a belt made with an anatomically designed shape for the female form. As your baby bump grows, more stress is put on your lower back and lumbar regions which are being pulled down by the belly weight.

This pregnancy belt gives support to the lower back by redistributing weight and pressure more evenly. Designed to gently cradle your growing baby!


  • GOOD SUPPORT - as it wraps around your belly, lower back, and waist which lessens the burden of pregnancy weight. The belt also helps you regain abdominal muscle tone, promotes rapid uterine contraction, holds the sutures after a cesarean, and protects the internal organs from sagging.
  • ADJUSTABLE - The 3-inch wide design is breathable, fully adjustable, and thin enough to be hidden under clothing.
  • LOWER BACK HEALTH - Supports the lower back by redistributing pressure more evenly around the surface area covered by the back support. It stabilizes the pelvis and gently lifts your belly to alleviate pelvic pain and cramps and relieve compression of the nerves and veins caused by sciatica pain, across veins, cramps, etc.

  • PROVIDES COMFORT - Relieves pressure on the bladder, meaning fewer trips to the toilet. It helps carry the stressful weight of your belly so you can finally relax and be comfortable all day long.
  • PREVENTS STRETCH MARKS - Designed to help reduce the chance of developing stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • DISCREET DESIGN- It is designed to be both comfortable and discreet, this pregnancy belt can be worn over or under your clothing.


  • Material: Elastic Fabric
  • Dimension: 9.2x7.3x2.6"