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Sound Control Music Audio Spectrum Analyzer

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- 25segment sound column design, reasonable design of organic glass length and width, make its refraction of light produce a gorgeous and soft visual effect.

- 1T MCU ensures high-speed acquisition of signals and accurate response.

- With MIC independent module, it enables sound control function. It can turns on/off via button settings.
- 10 levels of falling speed adjustment function.

- 8 kinds of classic modes controlled by buttons, with power-down memory.
- 7-level gain setting can enlarge or reduce signals. Long press the button to set.
- There are three types of acquisition methods: left channel, right channel, and MIC mode, which can be set by buttons.
- Matte frosted LED makes colors soft and non-glare.
- 6 color combinations for natural display. There are red, yellow, green, blue, orange, pink.

- Designed with white PCB. White has a good reflection of light, which can make the overall color more uniform and gorgeous.
- Strong and durable. 304 stainless steel screws are used as the gravity support of the sound column. Stainless steel nuts secure each layer to keep the organic glass level, not tilted, and not shaken.
- The rear-mounted input is convenient to place without affecting the front visual effect.

8 Classic Display Modes:
The modes can be set by buttons, with memory function.
- Mode 1: Columnar Mode
- Mode 2: Cylindrical Peak Hold Mode
- Mode 3: Cylindrical Peak, Peak Up Mode
- Mode 4: Mirror Mode, Middle to Both Sides
- Mode 5: Single Point Mode
- Mode 6: Peak Up Mode
- Mode 7: Single Peak Mode
- Mode 8: Mute Full Light Mode(can be used to test LED)

Button Operations:
- Short press: Mode adjustment.
- Long press for 1 second: 10-level speed adjustment and top LED will display (the default value is 4. The brighter, the slower display speed.
- Long press for 3 seconds: 7-level gain adjustment. When adjusting, the bottom part of blue part will have corresponding display (gain control); (default 4).
- Long press for 6 seconds: Switch between sound channels and voice control. Pink LED lit: For left channel (pink L); Red LED lit: For right channel (orange R); Orange LED lit: Voice control turns on (When it is in voice control state, line input automatically turns off).

- Please insert the attached connector USB terminal to your computer USB interface. 3.5mm headphone jack is plugged into the headphone output of a computer or other device through a two-way audio splitter, and the other end of the splitter is connected to an audio device. If you need to connect output audio equipment with RCA port, please purchase RAC to 3.5 female cable separately. If left and right channels are used, please set channels by pressing the button.
- Gain Introduction: 7-level gain adjustment, the top right LED will display accordingly. The default value is 4. The gain will be enlarged by 1/2/3 times when it is 5/6/7 levels. At 1/2/3 levels, the gain will be reduced by 3/2/1 times. The default value is 4).
- If you do not input a sound source, the frequency spectrum will also jump. This is because the power supply ripple you use is too large. Please replace it with a  low-ripple 5V DC power supply, or use computers' USB or power bank to test.
- If the audio input is to be connected to the output of an amplifier or a loudspeaker, use high to low signal attenuation. Please control the audio signal input voltage within 5V. Beyond this range the sound column will be damaged.

- Product Size: 29 x 4 x 7.5cm
- Maximum Power Per Channel: 25W

Package Included:
1 x KS25 Music Spectrum Kit