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USB Indoor Insect Trap Fruit Fly Mosquito Killer Indoor Kitchen Bug Catcher

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Description:The UV light attracts the bugs, the fan captures the bug;For small mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats or knats. 

large flying insects or crawling insects such as bees, stink bugs, house flies, moths, ladybugs, etc¡­;Place unit near fishbowl or fish tank, indoor plants and herbs, lizard and reptile enclosures, near sink, and on kitchen counter.;Enjoy A Buzz-Free Home:Place closest to the trash can, pantry, or fruit bowl where you see the most bugs;USB interface power supply.

Power cord length: 12cm
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 5W
Rated frequency: 50HZ

Package Includes:

1x Mosquito Trap

1x USB cable

1x Manual